Ancient Egyptian Tradition

VidaAire uses a formulated balance of pure, natural, organic essential oils in a distillate base.  Thus you will find no harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colors of any kind.  Based on Ancient Egyptian herbal traditions that date back thousands of years, the essential oils used are clinically proven mood elevators, pleasant and uplifting.  

- Air Sanitizer vs. Air Purifier:  

Non-toxic, alcohol free, chemical free, no animal testing. Freshens naturally with the use of essential oils, proven effective, bactericidal, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic.

Lavender- Calming, eliminates stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Lemongrass - Does all the above and is also used in Citronella to avoid bugs.

Tea Tree - Effective antifungal, bactericidal, antiviral, and antiseptic.

Bergamot - Soothing and calming, reduces tension, anxiety, and stress

Verbena - Soothing and calming.  Reduces nervous tension, anxiety, and stress. Effective sanitizer and cleanser.