"...VidaAire® creates a very calming effect."

"I have been using natural remedies, especially essential oils and natural products for home and health my entire life and have worked in the industry professionally over 12 years and I have never experienced a product that is so versatile and that works so well at such a great price.  In my house we have used VidaAire as a bug spray during an outdoor party, to soothe bug bites, rashes, allergic reactions and my latest discovery was to lighten my toddler’s mood during a particularly grumpy spell.  I keep it on hand at all time.  Thanks VidaAire!"

S. Brown, Editor, Holistic Montclair Magazine, Montclair NJ

“VidaAire® is very uplifting and refreshing to use... "

"It feels healthy for me and my home environment.  People don’t want to put chemicals on their bodies or in their homes.  When I use VidaAire, my body seems to know it is good for it. AND, I can use it everywhere.” K. Ifagbemi, New York, NY

"Within the hour of receiving my first bottle, I sprayed my hands and desk at work to sanitize the area. I noticed how relaxed I felt.  I hold a management position in the transportation industry, and my days are stressful.  Not today!  I was relaxed, at ease & focused on my tasks.  I'm hooked!  M. Figueroa, Hoboken, NJ


My husband refused to stay in hotels until VidaAire®.

"He was so put-off with news reports and the cleanliness of hotels NOT to mention the bedbug scare.  I bought VidaAire and convinced him to take a road trip to Atlantic City.  He was totally at ease and secure and he loves the aroma.  Now we go away regularly.  Thanks!"  C. Rivers, Westfield, NJ

"I heard a news report about how they do not sanitize the cabin area between flights.  They only collect the garbage. This news crew arranged for someone to come and 'swab' down the plane.  Ughhh! the stuff they found . . . MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella . . .  and I began to recall all those trips to the bathroom, the seat and worse of all the pull-down tray!!  I religiously carry VidaAire or VidaSport with me every time I travel!  Won't get on the plane without it!"  E. Perry, Washington DC

It’s nice to be able to sanitize and freshen up our treatment rooms in a safe, natural way.

"At our office, I have used VidaAire and absolutely love it!  As a healthcare provider, I like the idea of not having to breathe in harmful and toxic chemicals all day long when trying to sanitize a room.  Many patients have asked about this product, and I always recommend it.  Thanks for such a great product."  Dr. Kristi Grady, DC, Park Ridge Chiropractic

"The staff & massage therapists love to mist the rooms before and after a session. Thanks to VidaAire and VidaSport spray, my busy adjusting room doesn't smell like a gym at the end of the day. Thanks!"  Dr. Ron Tucker, Atlanta, GA (We appreciate the comments from the late Dr. Tucker.  We will miss him.)