Safe For Pets

VidaAire is versatile enough to use virtually anywhere because it leaves no residue.  Try it in any room of the house (nurseries, sick rooms, bathrooms, office).  Use to clean and sanitize surfaces on desks and chairs, doors, tables, drapes, bed linen, carpet, chests, shoes, luggage, showers, garbage cans, and most any surface.

Deborah Olivo

Drawing on an ancestry rich in the history of plants and flowers, VidaAire is founded on the idea of creating the only natural air and surface sanitizer using only pure, natural, organic essential oils. My grandmother would always turn to herbs and plants to make us feel better when we didn't feel well. VidaAire was born with over 10+ years of trial active use for healthy solutions in my practice and business as a Neuromuscular therapist.

It is this way of life, simple, pure, natural and honest, that is exemplified in the VidaAire Collection.

Deborah Olivo, Founder & CEO Healthy Living